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In parallel to the advanced manufacturing technologies it has, TEI carries out planned activities to accomplish its target of domestically-made engine with an indigenous design, in line with its mission of becoming a leading engine company globally.

TEI started R&D operations in 1996, with the J85 Ejector System Development Project, carried out together with GE Aviation. In 2003, TEI entered into an Industrial Cooperation Agreement with ITP to carry out design, development engineering and manufacturing activities for the TP400-D6 engine to power A400M Military Transport Aircraft.

Having started design and development activities of turbojet and turboprop gas turbine engines, usable in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Target Drone applications, in 2004, and continuing its design activities for UAV engines, TEI has recently extended its operations to cover piston engines, as well.

In addition to these projects, infrastructure and technology projects are also carried out by TEI. To that end, in 2014 the company launched three projects fully supported by the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries; specifically: "YAKUT: Development of Manufacturing Technology for Nickel Alloy Plating in Aviation", "DILEK: Development of Superplastic Forming Process for Titanium Alloys" and "INCI: Development of Titanium Casting Technology in Aviation".

Another important project for TEI is the turboshaft engine development project to be designed for Original Lightweight Helicopters. To that end, a design road map has been drawn up so as to include engine certification, as well; and negotiations with TUSAS and SSM are underway.

TEI allocates some 5% of its annual revenue to R&D studies; and the share it allocates to R&D investments increases as its annual revenue rises every year. As a result of its strong focus on research and development activities, TEI was selected as the Best R&D Center in Aviation by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology two times in a row in 2014 and 2015.