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TEI was founded in 1985 as a strategic model in context of the high technologies to be gained in the Turkish Defense Industries through the F16 aircraft and the F110 engine which is powering this aircraft; which were to enter the inventory of the Turkish Air Forces. The objective of foundation is the establishment, operation and maintenance of a modern aircraft engine industry in Turkey, on R&D, design, manufacturing, maintenance, repair, overhaul, modification and modernization of aircraft engines and other gas turbine engines.

50,5% of TEI’s shares belong to TUSAŞ-Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc., 46,2% of shares belong to General Electric corporate, 3,3% of shares belong to Turkish Armed Forces Foundation and Turkish Aeronautical Association.

TEI, whose mission is “to build a permanent aircraft engine industry in the country providing products and services which will develop technological basis of aviation and space industry”, has set its vision as ”to be a worldwide, high quality and competitive main aircraft engine manufacturer”

TEI has proven itself in aviation sector since its foundation years, with successfully conducted national and international projects towards military and commercial aircraft and helicopter engines. Is approaching its target of becoming a main aircraft engine manufacturer with firm steps by its constantly improved technological infrastructure, manufacturing, engine assembly, test, maintenance, repair, overhaul and design abilities, service capacity exceeding customer expectations and quality applications.

TEI is providing the aviation industry with high quality products in its field of activity which are “Parts and Module Production”, “Engine Assembly and Test”, “Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul”, “Services”, “Engine Design and Product Development”, is named as a world class manufacturing and design center.

Parts and Modules Manufacturing

TEI, who has started part manufacturing activities in the year 1987 with the manufacturing of 12 different engine parts; is today at the point of manufacturing over 700 parts for 38 different military and commercial engine programs and is providing service to main aircraft engine manufacturers as rotating parts excellence center.

TEI manufactured parts are used with great flight safety assurance at the latest manufactured aircrafts of world leading aircraft producers, Boeing and Airbus, including the B787 Dreamliner and A380. TEI, who has proven itself in the international market through its quality, on-time delivery and competitive prices; with its partner General Electric in the first place, has a wide range of customers in America, Europa and the Far East.

In recent years, TEI is gaining new technological abilities in the way of becoming a complete engine manufacturer by improving further its part manufacturing activities. At last, with the gaining of Blisk-Spool manufacturing technologies, apart from its already owned technologies has acquired a complete different and critical manufacturing technology. The transfer of aircraft engines compressor module blisk and spool manufacturing technology to Turkey at the hand of TEI, which is only available at certain engine manufacturers in the world, is a highly important step for our country’s defense industry.

Engine Assembly and Test / Maintenance Repair and Overhaul

At the beginning, having realized the assembly and test operations with success of 271 F110 engines in context of the Peace Onyx I and Peace Onyx II projects, TEI is in the position of an alternative source for the Air Force’s needs in terms of engine depot level maintenance for engines such as the F110 engines, TF33 engines of the NATO Awacs, CT7 engines of the CASA aircrafts, Makila 1A1 engines of the Cougar helicopters.

Today, focused on becoming a regional center for aircraft engines manufacturing and maintenance activities, TEI is turning into a potential power for not only our country but also for the assembly, test, maintenance, repair, modifications and modernization projects and technical support services for aircraft engines of regional countries’.

TEI is going to realize the licensed production of 236 engines including their reserves which will power 109 General Utility helicopter which are the need of the Turkish Armed Forces and other public agency and institutions’ needs, under TEI’s name. TEI will provide after-sale services for the engine in the program and will be responsible for maintenance-operation/service support. Furthermore, is willing to become licensed engine manufacturer for international sales.


In order to satisfy customer needs and expectations, another field of activity of TEI is to provide all kinds of technical and logistic support through experienced professional technical representatives for the F110, J79, J85, CT7 and T700 military engines in the inventory of the Air Forces and CF34, CF6 and GE90 commercial engines in the regional countries.

Engine Design and Product Development

TEI has believed in the importance of owning R&D and design abilities for aircraft engine industries from its foundation until this day; after gaining experience in physical manufacturing has switched to knowledge production and in this direction, has given acceleration in recent years to design engineering studies which were started in the year 1997.

TEI, who has lay the foundation for design activities with the “J85 Ejector Development Project” in cooperation with GE, NASA and TÜBİTAK for fuel efficiency and thrust increase towards the J85 engines of the F5/T38 aircrafts, subsequently has taken place in the TP400 Engine Project as Risk and Revenue Sharing Partner in context of the A400M Military Transport Aircraft Project, which will replace C130 and C160 military transport aircrafts that are used in European countries. The front bearing structure and exhaust module of the TP400 engine were designed by TEI engineers and were manufactured at TEI shops.

As an extension of all these studies, the Turkiye Technology Center – TTC, founded with an agreement signed between TEI and GE Aviation in the year 2007 at the Gebze Technology Free Zone, is serving TEI’s objective to become a main aircraft engine manufacturer. At the Turkiye Technology Center, activities on Design Technologies, Manufacturing and Quality Technologies, Repair Technologies, Software Technologies are carried out successfully.

With the knowledge and experience gained from the mentioned projects, TEI has crossed over to indigenous engine design, has developed its indigenous engine (TEI-TP-1X turboprop engine) completely with its own engineers with the use of the latest technological methods and has manufactured it with the use of its own technology, as well as other technological opportunities available in Turkey.

In this field of activity, the company’s knowledge and experience on turbojet and turboprop engines has increased in considerable amounts. Activities on indigenous engine projects in line with our country’s needs are carried out at present. Besides this, TEI is conducting various R&D projects in order to develop an infrastructure towards the intended indigenous engine development projects.


TEI is among the biggest exporters of our country in a field that requires advanced technology, thus a big part of TEI’s income comprises from export. Among the 500 big industrial enterprises of Turkey, TEI is 209th in manufacturing sales, and 56th in export. TEI holds the second place for 2012 Defense and Aviation Sector Turkey Export.

Apart from these all, since its establishment TEI has been regularly bringing profit, has paid dividends to its partners, is in the situation of a company that contributes to the economy with the taxes it pays.

In order to gain a bigger business share in the world aviation market, strengthen the technological infrastructure of our country, expand the subsidiary industry network in our country and create new employment opportunities, TEI has accelerated its subsidiary industry activities in recent years. Together with the employment provided here, the ability to do high quality business is a gaining for the Turkish Subsidiary Industry.

Having increased its employee numbers to 1500’s in recent years parallel to the growth, TEI, taking its subsidiary industry into account, provides employment to thousands of people in Eskişehir and its surrounding.

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